Soon, we’ll be announcing a fresh new marketplace for TastyIgniter developers.

No fees, no hidden costs, no contracts.

TastyIgniter is 100% free – free from fees, free from cost and free from contracts. You can use this software without worry of any annual software licence fee.

If you do need a little help however, we have a range of affordable services.


We can install TastyIgniter for you – ready to go within a matter of hours.

£19.99 - Buy Now  


Priced from £34.99 our upgrade service can upgrade any version of TastyIgniter to the most current release.

£34.99 – Buy Now  

TastyIgniter Hosting Solutions

Our hosting packages provide your IT department with something invaluable – time.

We take care of the server set-up, the installation, all of the maintenance and upgrades, plus you will be given exclusive access to premium technical support.


We handle all upgrades and maintenance


Choose the plan to suit your business


Talk to engineers, not sales people.


£ 539.99 /yr.

first 3 months free

  • All self-hosted features
  • Cloud Hosting
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • Software Installation
  • Software Upgrades
  • Automatic Backups
  • TLS (SSL) Included
  • Database/FTP access
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£ 59.99 /mo.

  • All self-hosted features
  • Cloud Hosting
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • Software Installation
  • Software Upgrades
  • Automatic Backups
  • TLS (SSL) Included
  • Database/FTP access
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Unparalleled support

Seeking support for TastyIgniter is never far away with a community that awaits with answers to your questions. Sometimes however you may need to go beyond the community for one-to-one commercial support from the people who developed the platform. Revenues generated also contribute to making TastyIgniter even better.

Our support covers:

  • Software installation and testing
  • Software upgrades and bug fixes handled for you
  • Configuring the software to your needs, and reconfiguring as necessary as your needs change
  • Assistance using and administering TastyIgniter

All-in-one, ready-to-go solution

Our Cloud Hosting and Support packages ensure that all of the technicalities are handled for you – leaving you ready and raring to go. Simply log-in, and start using the TastyIgniter platform.

When a new version comes along we’ll upgrade you free from charge, contacting you to plan a service window.

What you get:

  • Managed, Scalable, and Super Speedy Cloud Platform Built On DigitalOcean
  • SSD hard drives that dramatically improve your site’s performance with faster disk I/O performance.
  • Full redundancy using RAID SSD, monitoring and hot standby servers
  • Remote off-site backup, offline backup and disaster recovery
  • Availability monitoring with recovery staff available 24/7
  • Technical support for the TastyIgniter application itself

Bring your idea to life

If you have an innovative idea for a new TastyIgniter module then our sponsored development service (complete with special development rate of £50 per hour) can bring it to life and implement it prior to the next release.

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Custom development

We offer custom development of features – putting the power of the TastyIgniter platform in your hands. For £75 per hour we’ll build a plugin to your exact needs.

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Remove our brand

Allow your customers to focus upon your brand alone by choosing this add-on to strip out our “Powered By” text that appears within our template scripts.

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Got a question? Find the answer here

  • Yes, absolutely, completely and utterly free to use. However, if you do need a professional helping hand, or an extra service, we can help.

    We offer reasonable hosting packages where we take care of the server set-up, the installation, all of the maintenance and upgrades, plus you get access to premium technical support for any issues that might pop up from time to time.

  • Nope, no setup fee whatsoever – nothing, nada, zilch.

  • No way – we think that’s plain old bad business.

  • TastyIgniter supports credit card subscriptions. We don’t support purchase orders right now.

  • Nope. We don’t believe in contracts. If you choose monthly hosting and tell us that you wish to cancel then we’ll shut down the service at the end of the last billed month. Simple.

  • Absolutely. Our clients stay with us because we offer an awesome product, not because we hold data hostage.

    If you do cancel then simply create a backup and download it via your admin area.

  • Of course. There’s no contracts to be found here: suspend, cancel or reactivate your account whenever you wish.

  • Yup... and it’s super easy, done with just a CSV file.

  • Nope – we’re home to super speedy and robustly reliable servers that provide for all the space you need.

  • No, although it’s fine if you do have one. Our monthly and annual plans both include a domain name of your choice.

  • Absolutely not – everything is unlimited.

  • Yes – at any time. Simply email us on or message us via your Membership dashboard.

  • 24 hours, often sooner.

  • We do indeed – email us on for your multiple-store discount.

  • Not at this time; the setting up of free accounts take up plenty of time - time that we need to spend upon improving the product to deliver consistently great features.

    If you’re not sure the hosted solution is for you then explore our demo and consider signing up for a monthly plan for a paid trial run.

Still looking for something?

Contact the TastyIgniter Support for an answer to your question quick flash.