New column 'label' on mail_templates_data table New columns on activities table New column object_type on status_history table New column 'permalink_slug' on pages, categories, locations tables New column alias on layout_modules table New column 'original_id' on Languages table New column 'priority' on menu options, menu_options_values table New column 'is_default' on menu_options_values table New columns 'original_id, layout, plain_layout' on Mail Template table New column 'plain_body' on Mail Template data table

Create extension_settings table

Create language translations table

Create payments and payment_logs table and fill with records from extension data

Create the initial tables: activities, addresses, banners, categories, countries, currencies, customers, customers_activity, customer_groups, extensions, languages, layouts, layout_modules, layout_routes, locations, location_tables, mail_templates, mail_templates_data, menus, menus_specials, menu_options, options, options_values, menu_options, orders, orders, order_menus, order_options, order_totals, pages, permalinks, pp_payments, permissions, reservations, security_questions, settings, staffs, staff_groups, statuses, status_history, tables, uri_routes, users, working_hours

Create themes table

customer_id can be NULL on addresses table

Update password fields on users and customers tables Add new columns (reset_code, reset_time, activation_code, remember_token, is_activated, date_activated, last_login) to both tables Add super_user column to users table

customer_id can be NULL on addresses table

Fix nullable and other constraints on columns VARCHAR(32/128) => VARCHAR(255)

Rename existing model class_names in all tables with morph map custom names.