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Online restaurant ordering has fast become the norm. Yet for customers, trying to order a takeaway using digital methods can still be somewhat of a mission:impossible task. Unless, of course, their favourite restaurants are happy to cough up menu item fees, service fees, and operating fees to the popular platforms. For many food providers, it’s simply not worth the cost. Wouldn't it be nice if restaurants could manage online orders for less?

What is TastyIgniter?

TastyIgniter is a developer-friendly, open source software solution that enables offline restaurants and takeaway businesses to engage with today’s online audience.

Fully customisable, developers can add their own extensions to the integrated marketplace, giving the restaurants they work with unrivalled access to the features and functionality they need to promote their brand, attract customers, and truly satisfy hungry bellies.

The TastyIgniter Story

The TastyIgniter story began in 2013, when Creator Samuel Adepoyigi - an open source enthusiast - became frustrated with the lack of cuisine available for online order and the frequent mistakes when a takeaway order was placed. A university student craving some authentic Nigerian cuisine, Samuel used these frustrations to drive his final year project: a comprehensive platform that would enable restaurants to quickly and easily adapt to the evolving needs of their target audience, without the need for heavy investments or disruption.

With a helping hand from the open source community, TastyIgniter (a subtle nod to the CodeIgniter PHP Framework) was continually developed and tweaked over the years, officially being launched in May 2016 and facilitating change across the industry.

TastyIgniter Today

Since its launch, TastyIgniter has grown to become one of the leading open source restaurant ordering system for ambitious restaurants, offering both digital order management and table reservation through a single integrated dashboard.

Incorporating a wide range of restaurant management tools, and with the ability to oversee orders for multiple locations through a single easy-to-use interface, TastyIgniter is the simple way for food businesses to expand their customer base while minimising cost.

A Commitment to Businesses

While TastyIgniter is succeeding in helping businesses to expand their audience base and engage with the new generation of digital savvy consumers, this is merely a by-product of what the platform sets out to achieve.

Ultimately, the aim of TastyIgniter is to address one of the biggest challenges facing restaurant owners today: the cost of an online presence. And that’s why TastyIgniter is - and always has been - completely free to download, with absolutely no commissions or hidden fees for restaurants.

Be the yin to our yang

As a thank you and as a way to give back to the open source community that has helped to shape TastyIgniter, the platform is open to all.

TastyIgniter welcomes talented coders and enthusiastic experts who want to have a real impact on the future of the food industry, helping to continually drive change through new features and functionalities that will help keep the restaurant management platform at the forefront of order management.

Together, we believe that we have what it takes to make a difference, not only for businesses, but for also customers shifting to the digital space.

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