TastyIgniter's core features go beyond rivalling the most expensive of restaurant online ordering solutions.
With TastyIgniter you have completely free access to every, single feature.

Open for all

TastyIgnter is a community of expert and talented coders who are enthusiastic about constantly improving the value of this restaurant management platform, for businesses and customers alike.

Anyone can handle

We know about the struggle of dealing with complicated websites. TastyIgniter is smooth and easy to use, designed for the users’ utmost convenience.  

SEO power packed

TastyIgniter is designed in coherence with the marketing requirements of your restaurant. It is a SEO friendly platform, which allows your restaurant to become more visible to your customers.

Mobile responsive design

Our captivating and mobile friendly design will surely give an edge to your restaurant.
They not only look great on any screen, but these responsive designs also help in targeting the end consumers, as an increasing number of people are now moving towards using digital platforms to order food and make reservations.

Extension Ready

Supplement your shop-front with a variety of available extensions and optimise the value of our open source online ordering system for your restaurant.

Customised delivery zones

TastyIgniter allows its users to define delivery zones and customise delivery charges accordingly. Hence, you can make the most of your online orders received through this restaurant online ordering system.

Customise to Suit Your Brand

You can tailor our open source restaurant online ordering system to reflect your brand. TastyIgniter has been designed to allow easy modification and replacement of logos and colours, so as to enable the creation of a shop-front that would surely appeal to your target audience.

Bring your idea to life

If you have an idea for a new TastyIgniter feature then our team of experts can bring it to life and implement it for you.

Reliable Table Management

Set up this open source restaurant online ordering system to define the desired number of tables, seating arrangement, staff and current status. It takes table management to the next level and leaves no chances of making an error.

Run Impactful campaigns

TastyIgniter provides restaurants with a platform to increase their reach and explore potential market segments. Using TastyIgniter, you can run and manage customised e-newsletter campaigns, engage more customers and increase your sales.

Multiple Payment Options

Our open source restaurant online ordering system has been structured to support multiple modes of payment, enabling you to take payment upfront on orders placed online. You may choose payment options that suit you best.

Easy online ordering

TastyIgniter can be easily set up to categorise your delivery and pick-up services, as well as other various options. Hence, it makes online ordering easy and simple for your customers.

Quick Restaurant Reservation

Save your time and resources by making use of this seamless restaurant reservation software. TastyIgniter allows speedy and efficient management of bookings, guaranteeing no overbooks.


Our restaurant reservation software has been coded to be presented in multiple languages, available as a global platform to support restaurant owners from around the world.

One-stop solution for chain restaurants

TastyIgniter is a platform for all restaurants. It is a pretty easy system that can be used to manage multi-chain restaurants easily. Using this platform, owners can now manage their restaurants situated at multiple locations without any hindrance, through a single interface.



Feeling hungry? Decide your order type

Whether your customers are in a rush and want their orders to be promptly delivered at their door step or they find pick up a better option, we cater to all their needs. TastyIgnter offers a range of options for the customers to choose from.

The choice is all theirs!

Unlimited Menus

Add as many menu items as you like, customise and categorise your menu and build up an interactive menu page that will surely increase the number or your orders as well as profit margin.

Special Promotional Deals & Discounts

Users can offer special promotional packages during the slower months or on special occasions and holidays.

A one-stop solution

TastyIgniter is composed of a CMS (Content management system), giving the users liberty to optimise their web pages as per their requirements and create an impactful online platform to present their brand.

Ready to experience the potential of TastyIgniter?