Brand Resources

Everything you need to know about the TastyIgniter brand, including how to use it.

Our Name

Use the correct spelling, casing, and spacing when referring to our products.

TastyIgniter, not "Tasty Igniter" or "tastyigniter"

Our Logo

Our exclusive variations of the TastyIgniter logo will surely add to the authenticity of your website.

TastyIgniter Logo
TastyIgniter Dark Logo
TastyIgniter White Logo

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Usage Guidelines

Please follow the stated code of conduct for using the TastyIgniter logo:
  • You are not allowed to make any modifications, in terms of rotation, distortion, and alteration of the logo.
  • No other element is allowed to be added to the logo, which might negatively affect TastyIgniter’s branding.
  • Amendments cannot be made to the predefined colours of the logo, except the usage of white.

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