Installing TastyIgniter is a simple 3-step process.


Download TastyIgniter

Download the TastyIgniter setup wizard. (recommended)


Upload files to your server

Upload the wizard uncompressed files to your web host/server.


Run automatic setup

Locate the wizard in your browser to run the automatic setup.

TastyIgniter is open source and always available to review on GitHub.

Interested in the early access of TastyIgniter Multisite?

We are developing a multisite platform for restaurant chain, franchise or anyone looking to offer online ordering to local restaurants. We expect to release the multisite platform in the second quarter of 2019. It’s worth the wait. Become a sponsor to get early access!


If you need any help, consider going through our guides. These are structured to relay all the relevant details.

Read the Documentation


We always welcome helpful contributions. Join our community and help us in making TastyIgniter bigger and better.

More on making contributions

Get Support

Have any queries or need help? The forums are a great place to connect with other developers helping out with TastyIgniter.

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