Surprisingly, high customer satisfaction is often just down the small details. It’s those details that determine whether a particular restaurant is chosen for patronage on any particular occasion. In a recent poll, customer satisfaction levels were attributed to the incidentals that any diner experiences in a restaurant.

Here are our tips on how to boost customer satisfaction using outstanding small details at your restaurant:

  1. Make it personal – guests appreciate and enjoy any personalisation that makes them feel welcomed and comfortable. They want to feel special and to have their preferences taken into account. Good restaurant management will cater to this.
  2. Keep smiling – receiving a smile upon arrival at the restaurant can make all the difference to the mood of the moment.
  3. Simple menus – clean and easy to read menus ranked highly in the restaurant customer satisfaction poll. The thoughtful act of bringing the children’s menu to the table without patrons needing to ask was also appreciated.
  4. Child friendly – considerations such as supplying colouring sheets and crayons or a toy for children is valued by guests.
  5. Drink refills – patrons prefer when they don’t have to ask for a refill, and when a new glass is brought over with the refill and a slice of lime or lemon remembered. Believe us - small details do make all the difference.
  6. Table manners – delivering the correct meal to the person who ordered it without needing to ask scored highly in the survey. Nobody likes to be leaned over by servers looking to place food on a table, either.
  7. Communication – any delays to meals should come with regular server updates for patrons. Some guests mentioned how thoughtful touches such as providing an appetiser free of charge made a difference in their opinion of a restaurant.
  8. Checking on guests – it is appreciated if servers regularly check whether the food tastes good and if anything else is needed. Checking with guests at least once during the entire meal was considered to be the preferred amount.
  9. Special occasions - if a guest mentions a special occasion they appreciate any extra special attention or gratuity dessert that may come as a result such as for anniversaries or birthdays.
  10. Timely bills – finally, not having to ask for the bill and then having a personally written ‘thank you’ from the server is found to bring customer satisfaction to guests.

All of these tips come down to one point – and that is that, the details count. When you have guests, treat them well, give them what they want and consider what each person prefers and your restaurant is more than likely to perform well. Let us know how you get on.

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