Not only was 2016 the year of Instagram and some truly exciting food trends, it was also the year of the sushi burger!

Here we look back at what has happened in the last 12 months when it comes to trends in the restaurant industry:


This social media channel has been a major influence for both restaurants and foodies. We’ve seen all kinds of delicacies pass through, and even some seriously weird wonders! All over the world, the image sharing app was used to record dishes; from the most artistic masterpieces to the truly ridiculous combinations to the jaw dropping sublime.

Sushi burger

We couldn’t review 2016, without mentioning the sushi burger. Whoever decided to combine these two mainstream staples into a trendsetting dish must have been having a fanciful moment.


Matcha has been around for a long time. For those who have missed the boat on it, it’s finely ground green tea powder. It can be added to hot or cold water as a drink. We saw 2016 herald it’s use in more unusual ways such as in baking and ice cream.

Duck, duck, goose

2016 Restaurant Review: Revisiting the Trends of the Past 12 Months

No, we’re not talking about the game, you silly goose. These two birds took over from beef and pork as being the top meats of the year. Turkey took a stand too.

Healthy cocktails.

Healthful drinks have been around for many years now, but not in the guise of cocktails. Charcoal water and cold pressed juices were so 2015, but 2016 say them reenergised with a splash of vodka and made into healthy cocktails,

Culinary rules were gone.

They may have been popular once, but they went out the window in 2016 when fusion chefs turned their attention to the underrated and underused Mexican food.

2016 was an exciting year full of fascinating and surprising food trends. We’re excited about what 2017 will bring with it.