Christmas and New Year present a challenge when it comes to being overloaded with clients and expectations, but if you can get your seasonal hiring right, then you’ll be on track to achieve your year-end financial goals.

With the economy continuing to improve and consumers becoming more socially active, it’s important that restaurants get one step ahead off the game and prepare early for the extra demand. However, it may sound easier than it is. Here’s what we suggest to ensure that you’ve got your staff in place this Christmas:

1. Start early.

To get you into a good position, start talking to your past seasonal workers, your community and your full time employees. It’s time to gauge who is likely to want to work for you this season. You may need to consider parental needs and student needs and be open to flexible schedules. You may even need to consider the other jobs that your potential seasonal employees are working in. Existing employees may be able to suggest names of people from their own networks. Think about setting up a referral bonus scheme that rewards based on calibre of applicants. New staff are more likely to fit when referred by existing employees.

2. Aim for the sky

Your new employees need to represent your business positively. Seasonal employees who are not trained fully can lead to bad reviews and worse. Those candidates who have a good personality, an ability and willingness to learn and who are reliable will do well. Your staff will also need to be aware of the stresses of training and managing seasonal staff. Let them know how long you will have the extra people around for and support them through the onboarding program.

3 Easy Steps to Seasonal Hiring That Works

3. Know your market

Most seasonal employees are there for the money, whilst a handful of others are looking to get a step in the door for a full-time job. You may need to come up with some creative incentives to help you to stand out from the crowd of employers in seasonal hiring. Note that the pay rate is going to a primary focus, followed by the reputation of your restaurant. Perks such as free food and flexible hours can also help you to win the best employees.

Seasonal employees are sought by many firms, but by being proactive before the rush starts, you have a better chance of making the best of your seasonal hiring.