When it comes to online food delivery and restaurant delivery, quick delivery is the name of the game. People order food through their food delivery app, and expect it to arrive at their home quickly and with it still being warm.

If you run a restaurant that features online food delivery, there are thing that you can do to make sure that you reduce food delivery time and keep your restaurant delivery customers happy. The benefit of that is that they will be much more likely to come back time and time again to order from you.

To help make sure that your restaurant delivery service is a hit, we have put together the 3 simple ways to reduce food delivery time.

Make sure that you have the right technology

Technology is designed to make everyone’s life that little bit easier. This is true for online food delivery. Whilst you can opt for basic systems, there are also some specific food delivery management systems that will allow you to optimise the routes that drivers take, assess the performance of the drivers and predict when the drivers will be back and ready to go out for their next job.

Communicate well with your drivers

Your delivery drivers are one of the most important factors of the success of the online ordering aspect of your restaurant. This means that you should encourage great levels of communication from your drivers both to you, and to each other.

Plan in times that they can meet up to discuss what they think is working and not working, encourage an open and honest working environment and you can really benefit from their feedback.

You should also try not to get frustrated with your drivers, even if they make a mistake. During busy times everyone can find things a little more difficult, and it can be easy to lose your cool. Try and wait until the storm has passed, and instead offer your feedback in a more constructive way.

Have a standard delivery process that is efficient as well as quick

It is important to have a clear process when it comes to online food deliveries. You should have someone in house who is able to process the orders and bagging them up ready to give to the drivers. This person (or people if you are busy) is then responsible for ensuring the kitchen staff know about the next order that needs to be completed, and plans when the drive is likely to be back.

Inaccuracy when it comes to orders is going to do more damage, than an order that is 5 minutes late but high quality. So, it is important to make sure that you have a speedy delivery process that is effective and efficient too.

Online food delivery can add another aspect to your restaurant. Allowing people that cannot visit to still be able to sample your food, whilst it can be tricky at times to run, it is hugely beneficial in not only increasing sales, but giving your customers freedom to eat whenever and wherever they want!