Technology is powerful for any business. But it seems that during 2016, restaurants have embraced technology all the more.

So what new technology for restaurants have we seen?

Easy payments and ordering

We have definitely seen a rise of Point of Sale tablets in restaurants across the UK. These often come in the form of handheld tablets that are carried around by the server. Not only can they take the order on these incredibly useful units, sending them straight to the kitchen. But they also act as payment terminal.

Rather than having to run backwards and forwards to the payment terminal. The server can simply issue the bill and take the payment all whilst still stood at the table. Better for customers, better for servers.

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Digital receipts seem to have also increased with the use of these POS tablets. No longer are customers given paper receipts that they can then crumple up into their pocket. Instead they can choose to receive a digital copy of their receipt which they can keep on their mobile or laptop instead.

Kitchen Display Screens

It isn’t only the customers who can have a better dining experience. Thanks to technology the chefs can too. Rather than the old-fashioned approach of printing off (or even worse hand writing) tickets that can be mis-read or lost. The orders placed can now be displayed on a screen in the kitchen instead.

Kitchen display screens can be combined with POS tablets which creates a perfectly seamless paperless ordering system. The screen can also display how “old” an order is and help them to plan their cooking times and make sure that the restaurant runs like clockwork.

Productivity and inventory management

Knowing your stock and how much it is worth is a staple part of any restaurant. After all, any profits will be based on food cost percentage. For many years this has been completed using detailed and complex spreadsheets, that can take hours to update. However, it seems that technology is trying to make this part of running a restaurant easier.

Whether it is making stock easier to track and manage, or perhaps accurate numbers that are updated every day. Tech is now helping restaurants to maximise their profits.

Staff productivity can also be monitored using technology. This is made all the easier with the use of POS tablets, where you can download and monitor their performance.

Don’t forget the rise of online booking

Whilst it isn’t a new form of technology, online booking is definitely one that is becoming all the more popular in restaurants. It allows customers to book their tables at a time that suits them. Not only does that mean that you are more likely to get bookings, but you may even see these customers returning time after time. Loving the ease at which they can reserve a table to eat with you!

These are just some of the ways that the world of restaurants and technology have become seamlessly blended over recent months. We are excited to see what new technology 2017 could bring and how it will change the running of restaurants.