5 Restaurant Marketing Ideas for Success.

It’s not a surprise to discover that the most successful eateries implement the most current and effective restaurant marketing techniques to get their businesses established.

The Yellow Pages telephone book is becoming almost obsolete these days with most people owning a mobile phone or tablet to search for information.

We recommend to all our clients that they run a search on the type of restaurant they are with the name of their town. You should be doing this too so that you can check out where you are in the results.

Here are some of the most relevant and proven restaurant marketing approaches:

  1. Stay up to date. Check out what your rivals are doing and which are the latest methods of restaurant marketing. Should you be getting yourself a Facebook page, a Twitter account or an Instagram presence? It is also key to get yourself onto TripAdvisor. Everything is about reviews these days and you need to maximise your online presence.

  2. Install a functional website. Is it possible for new customers to find your eatery without any trouble? Your website should be optimised for marketing success with features such as a food blog, daily special menus, promotion of connection through your social media and review site presence.

  3. Develop your local SEO presence. Now that 72% of all searches are for local content, it’s critical that you ensure your restaurant marketing plan includes local SEO. Your website should be appearing in searches that are relevant to your eatery.

  4. Local food bloggers. Offer a free meal for inclusion in a local food blog site. Your reputation will grow and we all fare well from a positive review.

  5. Monitor your reviews. Ensure you keep a close eye on your reputation. Reviews are what are going to make or break you. Respond rapidly to any negative reviews in a respectful manner and you can turn around the opinion of readers.

Using restaurant marketing strategies will keep you in the mind of customers. It will help to increase profits and footfall.