For any restaurant, a strong TripAdvisor ranking can make all the difference between failure and success.

In this post we look at what you can do to improve your TripAdvisor restaurant ranking from restaurants who have raised the profile of their businesses on this powerful marketing tool.

TripAdvisor have always recommended for those who want to rise the ranks of their website to focus on the quality, quantity and recency of reviews.

The exposure that comes from appearing in the top slot of TripAdvisor for your area will make all the difference in terms of footfall and potential profits. To give you an understanding of how this works, the top boutique hotel in Manhattan, NYC receives over 100k reviews each month. Even with a just a small percentage of these viewers, your business will have excellent exposure to those actively seeking a place to eat.

Improved TripAdvisor Restaurant Ranking

Here are 5 tips for improving your TripAdvisor restaurant ranking:

1. Ridiculously good service – when it comes to giving good service, going the extra mile will compel visitors to write about your business. This will help your listing to rise to the top and encourage readers to pay you a visit.

2. Be true to your brand – it’s not about being the most luxurious or the most expensive place to eat. It’s all about having a clear vision and aligning your restaurant business with this. Start by imagining what stories you’d like to read on your reviews, and then make them happen.

3. Set expectations – the way that you describe your restaurant and your food is critical to correctly setting expectations. You don’t want to describe yourself as being something that you’re not or you’ll receive reviews stating this.

4. Get everybody on board – whether they are front house or back house, staff should know where you are on your TripAdvisor journey to the top. If anybody is mentioned by name, tell them.

5. Offer good value – most reviewers don’t like unpleasant charges, small dishes or lettuce that is past it’s sell by date. Make decisions on how generous you can be without affecting your bottom line.

You can improve your TripAdvisor’s restaurant ranking Whether you’re the most luxurious and well known restaurant in town, or the smallest café, everybody has a chance to get to the top. There’s no favouritism with TripAdvisor, it’s down to the reviews that satisfied clients give you.