One of the most common questions that we get asked on a regular basis is “how can I manage my commercial kitchen in a more sensible way?” We have compiled a list of our top five tips for better kitchen management.

1. Choose the right software – When it comes to managing your food costs and labour allotment, a well designed software program can help instil a sense of order and organisation to your kitchen. Don’t try to juggle these important details on paper or in your head – rely on dedicated kitchen management software to help you with costs.

2. Hire the best people – When it comes to managing your commercial kitchen, you need to ensure that you are staffed with the best people in your industry. Remember – skilled and creative chefs can be taught under your tutelage, so it pays to hire a reliable and responsible individual.

3. Run a tight ship – After hours you may all have a few pints and share some laughs, but when it comes to your working hours you need to be tough. Do not let your friendships get in the way of good management techniques. Struggling with this aspect of your role? Take a management skills course.

4. Keep things spotlessly clean – Whether your health inspector has just been through or you are due for a spot check, keeping your kitchen spotless is about so much more than your grade. This will not only keep your restaurant in good graces with the health inspector, it will show your employees that the smallest details are important when it comes to your kitchen.

5. Learn from the best – We all have heroes in the culinary industry, and while their gastronomic expertise is enviable, their management skills are also often top notch. Speak to your mentors and ask them for valuable tips.