Whilst word of mouth is important for restaurants, appearing on search engine results is another powerful way to draw in customers.

Unfortunately, SEO marketing isn’t always top of the list of things to do for restaurants.

To help improve website ranking and make sense of the best ways to approach restaurant marketing, we have put together our 6 easy steps to make sure that your restaurant is near the top of the Google list!

Use location optimisation

When searching for a restaurant location is key. After all, many people don’t want to travel miles just to find somewhere to eat. So, make sure that you emphasize your location and Google will pick this up when they are searching for a search results.

Blog, blog blog

Blogging is not only a way to share information and news on your website, it can also be beneficial for your ranking. Google loves keyword rich content, so once you understand which keywords to target, make sure you use them in your blogs. You should also create interesting and unique content, as this is something that is also seen in a positive light.

Use social media

Social media is vital in restaurant marketing. Whilst it may not have a direct impact on your ranking (unless you use Google+) it can allow you to promote your website and draw more and more visitors to it!

Be mobile friendly

Whilst it is great to have a beautiful website for people to view on their computers, having a website that can also be viewed on mobiles is vital. Many people will search for somewhere to eat whilst out and about. Chances are, if they cannot view your website on their mobile, they won’t be paying you a visit!

Not only this, but Google loves a responsive website and will often favour those in searches. Even more reason to mobile up your website.

Know your keywords

Keywords are important when it comes to Google search rankings. In fact they are the bare bones of SEO marketing. Therefore it is important that you understand more about how they work. There are plenty of great resources online. Not to mention expert companies who can help you to make sense of meta descriptions and long tail keywords. Meaning that even if you find it all a bit baffling, it can all start to make sense.

Use Google AdWords

You should really view Google AdWords as your friend, after all it is a sure-fire way of getting your website to appear on the first page of Google Search. It does have a cost associated to it, but it is the ideal way to boost traffic visiting your site, quickly.

Restaurants, just like any other business should always pay attention to their SEO marketing. Make sure that you learn more about how it could work for you and you will soon see the benefits with your busy and profitable restaurant.