According to the annual Waitrose Food and Drink Report, there are some exciting food and drink trends on the way for the next year, and this will reflect in the restaurant predictions for 2017.

It seems that it’s not just cars and clothes that are used as an expression for people these days, they like to use food to reflect their personalities and interests. Food has always played a part in entertaining, and it’s the hottest currency to muster favours.

If we look back to 2016 in the report, Waitrose claim that 2016 was the year of seeds and grains, vegan diet, seaweed, bao buns and seaweed.

Here’s what you’re likely to see on the list of trends of 2017:

Vegetable yoghurt. Really? Although already well established in some circles, including in Indian cuisine, it’s quite a change to have carrot or sweet potato yoghurt on the side of your plate.

Polynesian food. Hawaiian food is coming to the UK in the form of poke. It’s similar to sushi and is predicted to be just as popular as it was years back. It’s raw fish marinated with soy, lime and sesame.

Watermelon juice. First it was coconut, then it was pomegranate and now we’re onto watermelon.

Cocktails that are perfume-inspired. Givenchy have teamed up with Café Royal hotel to create 10 cocktails based on fragrances.

Meal kits for foodies. More supermarket focused, but it’s possible that any restaurant could offer this as a side line for another income channel. A recipe card packed with a gourmet meal, ready to rustle up at home.

Cocoa. Now that it’s been recognised for it’s health giving properties, it’s making it’s way into mainstream in the form of chocolate cake for breakfast as reported by The Independent.

Moringa. It’s caught the attention of the Wall Street Journal who are predicting that it’s going to get all the focus as a superfood in 2017. It’s harvested in Latin America, Haiti and Africa and is jam packed with vitamins, calcium, protein and potassium.