Instragram has really helped restaurants get noticed on social media. In particular those who have earned themselves a #FoodPorn tag.

If you want to get on the bandwagon, then we’ve collected the top 7 restaurants on Instagran so that you can see how they entertain and capture the attention of their clients, prospects and the media.

Chomp Kitchen and Drinks

Heavily focused on burgers and drinks, Chomp have got some truly mouthwatering photography. The burgers look rather large, but they have them well covered on Instragram. Who wants fries with that?

Ava Gene's

Ava Gene’s know how to show off their food and have been rewarded with over 12,000 followers. Their food shots are remarkable, the food looks good and so does the peppering of location photos.


Here’s an Asian restaurant who know how to present their food well. They frequently post and have picked up thousands of followers.

Deep Ellum

Excellent in their delivery of delicious looking dishes. You’ll see images of burgers and other menu items that will keep the masses dribbling!

ACE Bakery

7 Restaurants to Follow on Instagram

Who hasn’t got a penchant for bread. Ace really abuses this and posts up the best looking loaves, rolls, buns and toasts! You’ll also find burgers, sandwiches and any other ways that you can use bread. Be warned, it’s a dangerous account to follow!


Combine a churro cone with softserve ice cream and you have ChikaLicious. They might not very their subject matter, but the shots they take more than compensate. They have attracted thousands of followers.

Gjelina Take Away

Gjelina have mastered the art of posting food pictures. They are making us want to go on a long haul airplane trip with their #Foodporn!