Any restaurant needs an online presence these days, whether that’s for web-based bookings or to allow customers to order in.

If you’re interested in the latter aspect of restaurateuring, you’ll be part of a growing trend. Last year, the Telegraph reported that our appetite for having food delivered at home is increasing almost by the day, with even high street burger chains going down this route.

We’ve also seen an increase in food outlets joining forces with delivery websites so that food can be delivered to clients at home with no need to take on extra employees to do deliveries. Others are choosing to do direct home deliveries.

What’s clear is that online and mobile technology is transforming the whole industry, with many operators now offering online ordering and delivery services.

To be part of this trend, you need the right restaurant online ordering software for your online restaurant.



TastyIgniter is restaurant management software which itself incorporates table booking software, with the capacity to let customers order in online, too.

It even allows you to manage the kitchen and staff as well as customers and their orders, table reservations and more.

This software comes with reliable technical support.

What’s more, it’s not hard to install – just choose the template you want, add you menu and you’re all set to receive orders online. You won’t need to be technically advanced to start using TastyIgniter extremely quickly. Indeed, you can be up and running and taking orders over the web within minutes.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the software is totally free and open source, meaning you also have the added advantage of a community of coders on hand to help.

And this software is friendly to a number of things – including chains of restaurants, and mobile users who want to order their food from their phone or other device on the go. Equally, TastyIgniter’s platform has been designed to be easily found online by those searching the web, so your restaurant will show up easily in internet searches.

Finally, it can even be easily customised to suit your particular brand. So, what are you waiting for? Get a taste for TastyIgniter today.