If you are running a successful restaurant, then there is a good chance that you will want to offer a table reservation service to your customers. This could come in the form of phoning in, visiting in person or by using a free online booking system.

Whilst the first two are great, there is something greatly beneficial to customers and restaurants alike if you use a restaurant booking management system to take those all-important bookings.

A flexible approach

One of the best advantages of using a free online booking system is that it is flexible. Your customers can book in to eat with you at any time of day. Not just when you are open to take their calls. This opens up your chances of securing bookings, and makes sure that when the idea to come and eat with you hits, they can grab the chance and book it.

It is quick and easy

There is nothing simpler than booking a table online. A few clicks, a date and time entered and there you have it. Your reservation completed. Not only this but you can also have email confirmation sent to address, meaning that you know that everything has been booked correctly and you have proof that you made the reservation.

Great marketing tool

This is a benefit solely for the restaurant. When your customers use an online booking system, they will need to give an email address to receive confirmation. This email address, with permission, can then form an important part of your marketing database.

You can send out future deals and promotions to the customer, as well as ask them for feedback after they eat with you.

They help you to keep an eye on your business

If you use an integrated restaurant management system, then it isn’t just the bookings that are dealt with. You will also have a variety of tools at your disposal. You can create statistics on your bookings, collating information on who books again as well as who doesn’t.

It ensures that you do not over book the tables and allows you to monitor your reservations remotely and at any time.

Running a restaurant is difficult, and there is always plenty to think about. Why not put in place a free online booking system for your customers to use, and save yourself the stress of trying to manage your bookings yourself?