The results are in. It’s the little details that make a customer feel good about visiting your restaurant. It’s also the secret formula behind delivering that outstanding and highly memorable restaurant experience that results in people raving to their friends about your place.

Here are some of the ways that you can instil little details and go above and beyond delivering great everyday customer service to boost customer loyalty and bring in new clients:

1. Attentiveness

Making customers feel special is an important part of good hospitality. Ensuring that your staff notices and in some cases, acts upon information that they discover can make all the difference. If it’s somebody’s birthday, then bringing out a complimentary dessert with candles burning will make that person feel extra special and build a positive association with your establishment.

2. Recognition

One of the ways to enhance a customer’s experience of dining at your place is to greet them warmly by name. It’s meaningful and something that is treasured by many, not to mention being flattering and friendly.

3. Personalization

Paying attention to preferences and catering to them can deliver something outstanding. Who wouldn’t appreciate being on the receiving end of staff who know your preferences and deliver food and drink in line with it. In order to enable this to happen, it’s an idea to put a focus on discovering preferences and then making a note of them on customer cards that can be referred to as a customer arrives or reserves a table.

4. Appreciation

Showing customers appreciation can be what makes the difference with regards to their patronisation. It’s another important point to deliver the experience of feeling appreciated. To put this into practice, you might want to invite your most loyal and special customers to a wine tasting evening, or let them know about special events before you put out the public announcement. Another way to show appreciation is to send them a card that has been handwritten.

5. Delight

The principle is to go out of your way to do something special for them that will put a smile on their face and touch their heart. This might be something for them, their child or even their pet. You could make them laugh, or even give a balloon to their child or a little special snack or drink.

Create a Memorable Restaurant Experience and Boost Loyalty

The result of many small parts to make a memorable whole

A customer’s perception of you is going to be influenced by the way they perceive you and how you feel about them. It’s easy to overlook these little details, and to even brush them aside as not being important. However, when you add these up, they are what makes the experience of going to your place memorable and what will bring back customers time and again. It’s also what sets you aside from other businesses.

Recognition and attentiveness won’t cost your business anything apart from extra effort, as won’t consideration and personalisation – but the rewards can be endless. Making a memorable restaurant experience for your clients can also be fun.