We have all seen the stats and are well aware that more than 60% of independently owned restaurants fail to thrive within the first 3 years of life. It is for this reason that every owner needs to go all out to make their business a success and make sales.

One way to make this happen is to have a steady stream of in-house traffic. Another way to succeed is to offer both online food ordering and online table booking. So even if you don’t have plenty of new customers stumbling across your eating spot every day, you can still be found digitally and it can be this that gives you that stability that you need to expand.

Online food ordering is particularly important during winter time, when customers don’t want to cook, but they also don’t want to leave the house. They’d rather use online food ordering and have their meal delivered to the doorstep.

This type of digital accessibility makes it possible for restaurants to stay busy year round and not be affected by seasonal weather patterns. Many restaurants will see a drop in numbers on rainy or particularly cold nights, but not so when online food ordering is available.

In fact recent studies have found that online food ordering can account for as much as 30% of orders. This presents an outstanding opportunity for restaurants making it possible to more than double takeout revenue in many cases. Making your restaurant digitally accessible through using tools such as TastyIgniter is more important than ever for success.

The generation known as millennials may use the internet for more than 6 hours a day according to the recent GlobalWebIndex report. This means that if they cannot find a restaurant online, then to them, it does not exist – even if it’s located just around the corner. It will not have the reputation or presence that counts. Another important stat to consider is that the National Restaurant Association recently stated that 60% of adults enjoy home or office delivery of food when it’s available.

It can also help the restaurant with operational challenges. When they receive an online order that they haven’t had to handle over the telephone then can save as much as 5 minutes time per order. By providing an easy to access, read and select menu, such as the system offered by TastyIgniter – the restaurant customer can order what they want whilst potentially saving more than a weekly accumulative of 2+ hours of the restaurant’s staff time.

TastyIgniter is an easy to use online food ordering and online table booking platform that requires 0 technical skills to use. It’s also 100% free and is mobile friendly and designed to supercharge the SEO of any restaurant. Find out more here.