Restaurant online booking apps are very popular these days and it’s no surprise once you find out how to use them to your advantage.

Every restaurant knows that there’s nothing worse than the loss that no shows can do to potential restaurant profits. Even if you have a night that is fully booked out, you can expect there to be a no show rate of around 10%. Moreover, the restaurant industry suggests that on average, the rate of no shows is more like 15%. We all know that empty tables put a drain on revenue.

However, by implementing a restaurant online booking app and applying a particular approach, it’s possible to double customer numbers.

As opposed to just taking reservations over the phone, the booking app will enable customers to book their tables. An effective way to secure less no shows is to take each reservation with deposit. On TastyIgniter we accept three different payment methods, including PayPal. This makes it easy for customers to reserve their table and pay a deposit of £20 (for example) that can then be applied to the overall total of their meal.

Other restaurants who have used this approach state that the no shows are then taken down to almost 0%. If your food is great and so is your service, people want to make a reservation but if there are no shows clogging up your system, they will be met with frustration and you’ll be left with the profit loss to contend with.

How To Use a Restaurant Online Booking App To Double Customer Numbers

You can also save yourself from having to contend with other issues. For example, you won’t have to guess how many people you can expect to come along to a big Saturday night promotion if you have reservation only as your restaurant policy. This takes the pressure off both on ordering and prep in addition to service planning. You can deliver the ultimate in hospitality and save yourself money and stress in the meantime.

When your guests book through an online booking app, you can respond to them with your own branded email. It’s as easy as uploading a profile pic on Facebook. You can also use TastyIgniter to promote special menus and not have to rely on the upselling skills of your staff.

Being fully booked is no bad thing either. Your customers may have to wait, which will help with marketing. Eating at your place will have more value as it will be harder to do. This is what can often get restaurants media mentions.

Although it’s a tradition to take bookings over the phone, it does make a restaurant vulnerable to the no-show. By offering an alternative through an online booking app for which you will ideally take a deposit, you can be protected from risk.

You may even opt to save some same day seats to promote on social media. People can decide there and then that they will come to you that night and it adds a sense of excitement and a chance for them to share their experience with their friends. Again, this helps with your marketing.

Using a restaurant online booking app can help with many areas of running your business. Download TastyIgniter today for FREE and make your profits larger and your job easier.