Knowing Your Restaurant Demographics Helps Boost Business.

When it comes to making your restaurant a success, it’s critical to have a very good understanding of your target market. Once you have a clear idea on the demographics of your clients, then you have a much better idea of where to find them, what makes them happy and what kind of customer service tactics you should be applying.

To see a demonstration of how this works, let’s take a look at what the restaurant demographics of your clients might be. Within every target market, there are subsets of people. It’s hard to find a message that will work on everybody, that’s why it’s best to use messages that are relevant to most. Once you know who your ad is targeted as, you can stylise it to suit their needs.

Here are some restaurant demographics that you should be considering to appeal to

Generation Z

This is the iGeneration or the internet generation. They are young, and therefore the marketing for them is still under development. This generation was born during the internet era, their parents know a lot about it too. They are likely to order their food online and want it delivered. Alternatively, they’ll be coming to your restaurant and taking selfies and food shots to share online.

Generation Y

Aged between 9 and 27, this generation are also known as ‘millennials’. They are more likely to live at home with their parents, but have access to a large disposable income. This is the money that they don’t spend on rent and should be saving for a property purchase. They are quick thinkers, loyal to their favourite brands and they love a touch of humour. These people are likely to find a favourite restaurant and make it a regular place to meet friends.

Generation X

Born between 1965 and 1975, this group of people are entering into their peak buying years. They know how to use the internet and like it for shopping. They are keen on education and knowledge and won’t be wooed by names alone. You need to tell them why a product is good value. They are keen on saving and being independent. They also don’t go out quite as much as the younger group. However, when they do, they have exactly what they want to eat and drink as they feel they deserve it.

As you can see, demographics can play a part in your advertising and your customer service. Set the scene to make the best situation for these sub-groups and you’ll be on the road to success.

In order to check whether your advertising is right, test it on a group with an A / B approach. Try ad A and then try ad B. Then once you have found the one that is most successful with restaurant demographics, move that to be the A ad and bring in another B. Run another test. Keep going until you find the ultimate way of advertising to your demographic.

Knowing Your Restaurant Demographics Helps Boost Business.

We like to share restaurant marketing techniques with our readers and know that they visit our blog for this. If there’s an area you’d like us to cover, do let us know. We will soon be covering the topic of restaurant CRM systems.