Make it easy to book a table.
Give your customers the tools to make it easy to book a table.

Every restaurant would prefer to enjoy optimal table occupancy. TastyIgniter offers this as a feature, so you can enjoy a clear overview of whether you have further capacity in your eatery, or not. Making it easy to book a table can make all the difference.

Thanks to our well designed feature, the number of no shows goes down too as we send out a reminder to those who have booked to eat with you. You may even ask for a deposit to be paid at the time of taking the booking so that you know that you won’t end up not having a booking and then being out of pocket.

One of the main advantages is that you and your staff can eliminate time wasted on table bookings. They can just book it themselves and then you print out the reservation list when you’re ready. Your kitchen staff will also have a clearer idea of whether you’re going to have just a handful of guests or a full house.

Making it easy to book a table will fill your tables

Using your mouse, you can assign reservations to available tables. When your client booked the table with you, they had to enter information that was at the basis of your database of customers. You’ll know when it’s birthdays and you can also collect feedback for your TripAdvisor or other review system. use email addresses to send personalised professional newsletters at a later date.

You could even send out a menu and suggest different meals for your clients.

Making it easy to book a table.
You'll be rewarded with more custom by making it easy to book a table.

No matter what time of day it is, you customers can book a table with you. You won’t miss out on bookings because nobody is at work at the moment that the customer wants to book. It’s so easy to use, anybody can use it through their computer, table or smart phone.

Download TastyIgniter today to get started with filling your tables.