If you’re looking at expanding and will shortly have the challenge of managing multiple restaurants on your hands, then read on. You may find something useful in the following.

Although hospitality businesses know how exciting geographical growth is, they also know that it can come with some very trying times. For example, how can one manage multiple employees that are based in another city without physically being present? It’s important to keep the team working towards the company vision and communication flowing but it can be hard to implement under these conditions.

One of the simplest ways to handle these challenges is to put systems into place. Communication can be supported and making restaurant processes uniform will help with getting yourself and others clear on who is responsible for what. Using technology is something that will help to cut down on the expense of business travel.

We have designed TastyIgniter to support you in managing multiple restaurants, your growing business and staff in a number of different arenas.

TastyIgniter is a suite of solutions including: order management, kitchen management, store management, table reservations, staff management and internationalisation.

For a cohesive and successful restaurant chain, the most important focal point needs to be on communication between restaurants, and TastyIgniter can aid with this. In addition to providing staff with a state of the art restaurant online tool, we suggest allowing your employees to have face-to-face time by allowing each location to host members of staff throughout the year. It will not only enable communication, but break down any barriers as they get to know each other.

Managing Multiple Restaurant Locations from Platform.

In addition, use these activities to better communication:

  • Hold weekly staff meetings using Skype or other Webinar online system to get the group together.
  • When possible, management team should visit sites on a schedule ie every fortnight or every month.
  • Get the team together once a year or so for team building event. This might be brainstorming followed by a team building event.

At the end of the day, the most success will come from helping everybody to feel part of the team and motivated. When your people feel good, they will perform well.

Find out more about how TastyIgniter can support you in managing multiple restaurants here.