According to neuro-economics researcher, Paul Zak, consumers love to receive restaurant coupons more than they like to kiss and cuddle. There is also evidence suggesting that coupons and discounts can actually help to make them feel even happier and more relaxed than kisses can.

Coupons make restaurant customers happy.

Restaurant coupons can bring in the diners during quiet periods and are considered to be a powerful marketing tool by some restaurants. Now that they’ve been found to release more oxytocin than cuddling or kissing does – what’s not to like about them!

Using a test to understand what impact coupons had on the neuro-physiological behaviours of consumers, Paul and his researchers found that the hormone oxytocin surged when a coupon was received. This is the same outcome that occurs when humans are in love, have been kissing or cuddling. It’s a hormone that can promote trust, happiness and love.

The interesting fact is, is that it turns out that the surge of the hormone that was produced by the coupon was actually larger than that produced by cuddling, kissing.

Here’s what was recorded in the test, comparison is between those who did get a coupon vs. those who did not.

  • 38% more oxytocin
  • 32% lower respiration
  • 5% slower heart rate
  • 95% less sweat (as measured on palm)

Consumers self-reported an increase of 11% in happiness.

The scientist involved in this study recognised that the following benefits could be produced by giving restaurant coupons:

  • Potential long term positive association with store or brand – even if coupon was not redeemed
  • Potential increased trust levels
  • Potential brand preference built from regular coupon distribution
Coupons as a restaurant marketing tool.

If you’re considering jumping on-board with restaurant coupons, which we think is well worth a go, then it might even be an idea to try your own testing with coupons. You could look into whether those with coupons actually spent more on their visits to your restaurant.

You can use restaurant coupons and discounts on TastyIgniter

Your patrons can use coupons and /or discounts on the TastyIgniter system when ordering and purchasing their food orders.

You can find out more information on how to do this in our documentation.