If you’re in the restaurant industry, you’ll already know there’s no time to get bored. This fast-moving industry is always changing shape and metamorphosing with new products and tastes on a quest to deliver the best possible guest experiences.

We’ve recently been studying the Taste Restaurant Technology Report that shared some shocking restaurant statistics and some very useful pointers too! It’s important for any restaurant owner to keep an eye on these types of stats to get an understanding of what guests want when it comes to food and technology.

There’s no getting away from the blend of technology with food. It’s become such a part of our culture now, and can be used for more than websites and table reservation software.

Let’s look.

Did you know that 79% of diners feel that restaurant technology has improved their experience?

Per the Taste Restaurant Technology Report, not only did diners feel that restaurant technology was adding something beneficial, but a third of those surveyed felt that online table bookings were very important as a technology feature for any restaurant. You can check out that report here.

With annual sales at the $783 billion in the US alone, that’s a lot of people who like to eat out to keep happy and you can take a slice of the pie for yourself.

The survey also stated that 46% of all restaurant owners found that their no 1 challenge was employing, training and then retaining their staff. So you’re not alone in this challenge.

According to the results of the consumer side of the survey, 56% of adults said that they would far rather spend their disposable income on having a nice experience than buying something from a shop.

The same survey said that 78% of diners found a good restaurant through word of mouth, with the 2nd most popular method being social media.

Finally, something you should know is that 36% of diners said that restaurant technology’s best offering to them was the ability to book a table. It was even more important than free wifi.

If you want to add an online table booking system to your website, click here for a free download.