For dedicated foodies, enthusiastic coders, passionate restaurateurs and people who want to drive our platform forward

At TastyIgniter we believe in the power of people. Which is why we’re taking a meritocratic approach to our project’s development.

Get involved with innovative suggestions for upcoming versions, get tapping out influential code or simply answer the burning questions of our platform’s users.

Welcome to TastyIgniter... We think that you’ll like it here

We are TastyIgniter: An open source restaurant ordering, reservations and management system for forward thinking, food focussed businesses.

TastyIgniter is a fresh, food focussed project that is promising to revolutionise the ways in which foodies book tables, order food and review restaurants online.

TastyIgniter is a super flexible platform that puts the power of online presences into the hands of the food centred business. And for the manager, restaurateur or take away entrepreneur it presents a world of benefits that helps businesses connect with their target market through powerful management features.

TastyIgniter is an exciting project that needs people - people just like you!

“Whoa there just one second – What’s this fiercely fresh theme all about?”

Actually we’re way more than just a theme. We are:

✔ An Open Source platform that is destined to do delicious things – such as allowing users to reserve tables, rave about restaurants in reviews and savour super sweet (and completely customisable) storefronts. It’s a great experience for the end user and an awesome platform for the business looking for a competitive edge.

✔ A platform empowered by people just like you who contribute to a buzzing forum and hustling, bustling community that builds day by day.

✔ A seriously fresh option for those seeking out a more flexible platform to compete with the big take away booking boys.

How can I get involved in all that TastyIgniter is about to deliver?

We’re empowered by the super powerful and comprehensively flexible CodeIgniter framework. And we want to propel our platform forward with your help.

So, just how can you get involved within our growing community? Well, we’re glad you asked. You can become a User, Contributor, Approver or Maintainer. Here’s how they work:

Users – These guys make up the section of the TastyIgniter community who use the platform. They could be takeaway owners, passionate restaurateurs or one of the people who book-in, order on-line or leave a review.

Contributor – These people are the ones who drive change, providing invaluable input to the TastyIgniter project through everything from solid coding, onto genius bug fixing and even including beautiful graphics.

Approver – This collection of people have contributed to the TastyIgniter platform to such an extent that we recognise them as VIPs who are trusted with safeguarding the project’s success. They have the eyes of an eagle and check each and every line of freshly tapped out code to ensure it fits perfectly with the project.

Maintainer – This exclusive group of people are the crème de la crème of TastyIgniter members. They lead within their area and they are dedicated owners of a component of project code. They are aware of its state at all times, even whilst they sleep.

This is a development project with a delicious decision making process

We love that our community gets so involved with all that TastyIgniter has achieved and is yet to.

Which is why our decision making process involves you - every single step of the way. Here’s how it works.

  1. Propose – Tell us your bright idea about taking the TastyIgniter platform forward.
  2. Discuss – We take your idea to the community, where invaluable input may be provided and during which a community decision upon approval may be made.
  3. Vote – If a community consensus decision hasn’t been made at the Discussion stage we take a Vote.
  4. Decide – The votes are in. A decision is made. Either by consensus (ideally) or majority (if not). You could then be the latest community member to see their idea come to life upon the always evolving TastyIgniter platform.

Be a part of a super-exciting project. Register for our buzzing community now.