With features rivalling more expensive online ordering systems, TastyIgniter’s completely open-source software can be installed and set up to take orders within five minutes!

Intuitive admin dashboard

Complete with open-source flexibility for developers, TastyIgniter can be customised and adapted for the end-user as you see fit for your target customer base.

Easy to use admin dashboard

Manage multiple restaurant locations

With available platform extensions, there are near limitless possibilities for customising the online ordering system interface.
This makes TastyIgniter a highly suitable, one-stop solution for restaurant chains looking to streamline efforts chain eateries, as well as being scalable enough for independents.

Easy online ordering

With restaurateurs able to clearly define delivery and pick-up services available, as well as customise the overall look and feel of the system to reflect your brand, it’s easy to craft a clean and straightforward order and reservation experience.

Fast online booking

Hungry customers mean one thing is particularly important in the design process – saving time. That’s why we’ve created TastyIgniter with a clutter-free order and restaurant management system in mind, where user interaction is limited to only necessary input.

Unlimited Menus & Orders

Have a wide range of food options available for customers? No problem. TastyIgniter’s interactive menu page lets you customise and categorise your menu however you wish, so you can make it as easy as possible for customers to see what they want to order.

Essential discount system

A valuable promotional tool when operating outside peak trading times, or as a way to maximise sales during key holidays, TastyIgniter’s discount system allows you to run enticing offers for consistent business.

All-in-one solution

With TastyIgniter, you won’t need to install a wide range of software to run your restaurant efficiently. An integrated booking system complete with ePOS inventory, delivery and payment tracking making simplifying every touchpoint.

Multiple payment options

Flexible payment options come as standard with our software, with your restaurant website or takeaway app able to take upfront payment for all orders placed online - giving restaurant owners and delivery drivers peace of mind when it comes to user payments for food.

Customer review system

Highlighting ringing endorsements of your food or service is a marketing technique that’s hard to beat. With TastyIgniter’s review system, news of your most popular dishes and friendly staff will be up in lights for all to see.

Dispatch Integration

As demand for your food grows, you can easily manage third-party drivers and delivery provider contracts. Stay in control of customer order size and grow new revenue channels with customers willing to pay extra for larger orders.


Our restaurant software is as perfect for the English restaurant owner, as it is for the Turkish take away owner – supporting multiple languages through a default language that can be translated.

Ignite your ideas

Is there a new feature you think would benefit your restaurant and perhaps hundreds of others? Let our expert team know and we will make it happen.

Customisable order types

Provide your customers with the option between delivery and pickup, as well as being able to define standard delivery times versus the faster pickup times. You can even choose to accept solely one or the other.


Set delivery zones

Don’t lose money delivering small orders, define minimum order totals and customise any delivery charges by easily setting up delivery zones. All of which can be set up quickly, hassle free and with minimal technical knowledge.

Third-party integrations

The TastyIgniter platform can easily be extended to include a whole host of added functions, features, bells and whistles. It also provides components that can be chopped and changed in a flash.

Customise to Suit Your Brand

Customise to Suit Your Brand

You can tailor our open source restaurant online ordering system to reflect your brand. TastyIgniter has been designed to allow easy modification and replacement of logos and colours, so as to enable the creation of a shop-front that would surely appeal to your customers.

Bring your restaurant online with TastyIgniter

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