5 Big Reasons Automated Booking Can Benefit Your Bistro.

Although some bistros have been online for over a decade now, those who really want to make the best of the internet might want to consider using bistro management software.

If you haven’t heard of this before, then you’re not alone. Quite often it’s the savviest business owners who are looking to expand and grow their businesses that have it installed.

The benefit of using bistro management software is that clients can view your menu and book a table 24/7.

Fortunately, no matter the size of your business, it can help to provide you with the web presence the size of some of the larger eateries.

Here are 5 big reasons that bistro management software is a must for your business:

1. Reservations can be taken 24/7

It’s not just during business hours that you’ll be able to take reservations. It’s at any time of day or night to suit when customers are surfing the web. They won’t have to remember to call you back the next day, they can just book there and then, whilst it’s in their mind.

2. Commission Free

Most other systems will charge you commission, but not TastyIgniter. Although you have a middleman working for you, we don’t charge and we don’t use your website to promote our business. We are all about promoting your business and making it easier for you to operate.

3. It’s not just a contact form

We’re not just providing a contact form for your clients, we are providing availability information and a booking system. Your customers will receive confirmation that they have their table booked and that’s good customer service.

4. No manual processing required

You won’t have to go through all your bookings to process them. Our online booking system automatically handles everything for you. it will collect all the information that you need plus change your availability to reflect the reality.

5. All bookings in one place

Not only will our online bistro management software booking system handle your online bookings, but it is a place to put your email, phone and walk-in bookings too. You will then have a capture of all contact information for your customers to make use of with effective marketing such as newsletter and new menu distribution.

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