Just as with any other culture, time moves on in restaurant culture and people develop different interests and passions in food, serving styles and overall dining experiences. Let's explore the global restaurant trends in 2016 and what you can expect to find in eateries all over the world.

Global restaurant trends in 2016 include delivery of more intimate dining experiences.
Restaurant trends in 2016 include more intimate experiences.

According to a report from Baum and Whiteman food consultants, there is a move towards dining experiences being more intimate, affordable and collaborative. Let’s take a peek at what this looks like in practice:

People are taking more risks when it comes to their passions. They might not be from the place in the world where they favourite food is from, but that’s not going to stop them from opening up a restaurant. Although they didn’t hail from India, if Indian food is what they are crazy about, they will open up an Indian themed eatery no matter what the risk.

Global restaurant trends in 2016 include a better quality of food at a better price

People are also expecting a higher quality of food but at a price point that is user-friendly and reasonable. Even restaurants that have a Michelin Star are casual and relaxed these days such as Tom Kitchin’s ‘The Kitchin’ in Edinburgh. People don’t want to feel uncomfortable whilst they tuck into high quality food, they want to be able to relax and enjoy the experience.

When it comes to collaboration, restaurant owners are inviting chefs into their kitchens and working together on making new culinary results happen. No longer are the international boundaries in place, it’s all about taste and in some cases, unusual fusions. Although this has been going for a few years now, there is no end in sight.

Smaller and more intimate

In the future it’s looking like instead of there being huge restaurants opening up, there is more likely to be smaller and more intimate places to eat. Places where you have your own personal favourite dish and it’s got an atmosphere that is warm and friendly but small.

Global restaurant trends in 2016
Better food at a better price is expected from customers in 2016.

Health is becoming more important to people and veganism is growing thanks to raw and open documentaries about how animals are treated and whether meat is good for the human body. There is also a focus on GMO-free and all natural ingredients.

Tech driven food delivery – order it online and those who deliver fast are likely to get repeat custom.

Overall, global restaurant trends in 2016 are fascinating and we will keep you updated as they emerge.