From: TechCabal

By: David Adeleke

Say you own a restaurant and you are ready to expand the reach of your services. You are thinking about incorporating online table reservations and ordering into your services but you have no idea what it entails. You like the idea but you don’t know how to code a website. There’s software you can install that will take care of all of that.

What’s more? The TastyIgniter software has features to aid kitchen management, customer and staff management, store management and internationalisation already built in.

And it is free.

TastyIgniter is an open source restaurant ordering and management system. It is also a platform where customers can place orders online and make table reservations at restaurants that have integrated the software on their website. For the restaurant to be able to use this service, they will have to download the open source code package from the TastyIgniter website and install it on their servers by following the instructions there.

TastyIgniter was created by Sam Poyigi and is still in beta. Built on the CodeIgniter Framework, the system is easy to install. There is the option for free installation services, if you don’t know how to install it. Once the code has been installed on your server, you are good to go.

If this is going to become a hit, now would be the right time to become an expert in the source code, since it’s open source. It’s still early days though but the plan is to also have a thriving online community for the software.

Check out the other available features TastyIgniter has on the website.