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Apr 20
Apr 27

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This TastyIgniter extension allows end users to create and edit dynamic pages with a simple WYSIWYG user interface.

Admin Panel

In the admin user interface you can create, edit or delete pages.

How to use the Pages Component


title: Site Pages
permalink: /pages/:slug

    slug: ':slug'

function onEnd()
    $this->title = $this['sitePage'] ? $this['sitePage']->title : $this->title;
<?= component('sitePage'); ?>

Example of displaying the page navigation sidebar

<?= partial('pageNav::sidebar'); ?>

Example of displaying the page navigation links

The pageNav component provides the following variables on the page its loaded.

$headerPageList: Contains an array of pages with header navigation selected. $footerPageList: Contains an array of pages with footer navigation selected.

<?php if (!empty($headerPageList)) foreach ($headerPageList as $page) { ?>
    <li class="nav-item">
        <a class="nav-link"
           href="<?= page_url('pages', ['slug' => $page->permalink_slug]); ?>"
        ><?= $page->name; ?></a>
<?php } ?>


The MIT License (MIT)


  1. v1.2.0-beta.5

  2. v1.2.0-beta.4

  3. v1.2.0-beta.3

    Minor improvements.

  4. master