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Shipday: Local Delivery for TastyIgniter

Support local deliveries for your TastyIgniter orders with Shipday.

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TastyIgniter integrates with Shipday, allowing you to manage local delivery orders with an all-in-one local dispatch and delivery tracking system. Delivery orders can be quickly imported into Shipday's dispatch system for simple delivery management. Using Google Maps, you can quickly define route clusters on the map to optimise delivery stops and follow delivery drivers in real time.

From a single platform, you can use your own in house drivers or make use of third party delivery services like DoorDash, Postmates and Uber (only accessible in the US).

Shipday has a direct integration with TastyIgniter. Any delivery order a customer places on your TastyIgniter website will instantly be forwarded to Shipday for dispatch and delivery tracking.


  • Restaurant owners can manage their deliveries efficiently on Shipday. This includes assigning drivers to orders and tracking deliveries
  • Customers can track their orders in real-time and receive notifications about the estimated delivery time and the status of their order.
  • Restaurant owners can manage their drivers, assign them to orders, and track their performance
  • Works well with the default TastyIgniter delivery cart condition.


  • Signup for a Shipday account.
  • Install and enable the extension in your TastyIgniter website.
  • Login to your Shipday account to get the Shipday API key under integrations tab
  • Go to System > Settings > Shipday Delivery Settings to enter your API Key (follow instructions on the page)
  • Choose a status under Delivery Completed and Delivery Failed to automatically update the order status when the delivery is marked as completed or failed.
  • Now if anyone places a delivery order on your TastyIgniter site it should also appear on your Shipday dispatch dashboard.


  1.   Latest release

    • Minor improvements and bug fixes
  2. 2.1.3

    • Use UTC timezone when calculating expected delivery time
  3. 2.1.2

    • Added a location option field to set the delivery wait time, for calculating expected delivery pickup times
  4. 2.1.1

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