Kitchen Display

Created by:  Ryan Mitchell

Provides a view of open orders, with the ability to mark orders as in preparation, ready (new status) and complete with one click.

6 days ago
4 weeks ago
Ryan Mitchell

Kitchen Display

Adds a view of "orders ready to process" to the admin menu showing a breakdown of any incomplete orders. Orders are listed oldest to newest based on their scheduled pick-up time.


  1. Add to extensions/thoughtco/kitchendisplay inside Tasty Igniter install.
  2. Enable extension in Systems -> Extensions
  3. Add any additional statuses you require as an order is processed, i.e. Ready to Pick-up, In Kitchen, etc.
  4. Modify the Processing Order Status field in Settings/Setup/Order tab to include the workflow statuses your orders will follow.
  5. Process orders with the Kitchen Display option under the admin Sales menu.


  1.   Latest release

    Layout amends

  2. v1.0.6

    Increate refresh timeout

  3. v1.0.5

    Added auto refresh feature to continually update order list

  4. v1.0.4

    Bug fixes and minor layout changes