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Limit Maximum Orders

This extension allows you to set different limits on the maximum number of orders that can be accepted.

Maximum Orders per timeslot

This extension allows you to set a maximum number of orders that can be accepted at different timeslots, as well as allowing limitations by location, day the week, order type, and menu item category.

This is free and doesn't require a license, but you can donate to Ryan, the developer behind it, to show your appreciation.


  • Limit orders by covers (items in category)
  • Limit orders by order type
  • Limit orders by day and time

Admin Panel

Go to Restaurant > Maximum orders to manage timeslot limitations


  1.   Latest release

    Fix a flaw in limitation logic when cover count is the same as timeslot limit

  2. v1.1.0

    ⚠️ Breaking change ⚠️ Do not upgrade if earlier than version 3.0.7 This updates the extension to support multiple order types using the new core api

  3. v1.0.5

    Bug fix for beta26

  4. v1.0.4

    Fix location restriction bug

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