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Stripe Authorize

Listen for Order Approver events to capture or cancel Stripe payments.

Stripe Authorize

Intended as a companion to the Order Approver extension, this changes Stripe payments to work as authorize/capture, with the capture phase happening once an order has been accepted through Order Approver.

This is free and doesn't require a license, but you can donate to Ryan, the developer behind it, to show your appreciation.

This extension can be used as a boilerplate for other payment gateways, if you do create one please let me know so I can update the Order Approver documentation.


  1. Add to extensions/thoughtco/stripeauthorize inside Tasty Igniter install.
  2. Enable extension in Systems -> Extensions


  1.   Latest release

    Update incorrect marketplace description

  2. 1.1.2

    Fail silently when no intent id is found

  3. 1.1.1

    Composer bug fix

  4. 1.1.0

    Track Stripe changes in core - move to official stripe library

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