Soon, we’ll be announcing a fresh new marketplace for TastyIgniter developers.

Free open source

TastyIgniter is a free open source restaurant online food ordering, table reservations and management system. We provide a professional and reliable platform for restaurants wanting to offer online ordering to their customers.

Out of the box

We believe that setting up your restaurant’s own online ordering capabilities should be quick, simple, and reliable. We’ve worked hard to make sure that you can get up and running in five minutes or less, so it couldn't be easier to complete the installation process. If you don't have the time though, don't worry - we'll do it for you.

Backwards compatible

To make installation and launch even easier, our software is backwards compatible. TastyIgniter attempts to keep API change to a minimum in order to make our extensions and themes compatible.

Low System Requirements

TastyIgniter’s software is also able to run on affordable hosting with very basic requirements, meaning that it can run on most operating systems successfully.

Planned releases

We release three major versions of this software a year, building on the already impressive features list. Current features include SEO optimisation, management of multiple locations from one admin interface, simple customisation and responsive layouts, payment acceptance, and multi-language and multi-currency capabilities.

Design for the majority

We know that not all restaurant owners are necessarily technically minded, which is why our ethos is to design for the majority and make things simple, ensuring that our software addresses real needs in the restaurant community.

We are already building a strong community of satisfied users on our online forums. It’s easy to sign-up, so you can receive support not only from us, but from other like-minded business owners who have experience using our software.

Clean, lean and mean

The aim of TastyIgniter is to provide a solid system with consistently good results via its basic features. The software is designed to be lean and fast, meaning that it functions quickly and provides only the kind of features that our users genuinely find useful.

Striving for simplicity

Simplicity is the key feature of TastyIgniter. Our aim is to make the software easier to use with every single release. We ensure that this is the case by allowing the program to be customised by you, the users. We take your feedback very seriously, which is why we always want to hear about your experience using our program.

One click update

All of our updates can be installed with one click. This makes it simple for our users to stay up to date, and ensures that it’s easy for everyone to get the best from TastyIgniter long-term.

Our bill of rights

TastyIgniter is licensed under the General Public Licence (GPLv3) which provides three core freedoms. These provide the basis for our Bill of Rights:

  • The freedom to run TastyIgniter for any purpose
  • The freedom to customize TastyIgniter to fit your existing web site design
  • The freedom to add features to TastyIgniter to suit your needs.

However, please note these restrictions:

  • the "powered by" links must remain intact.
  • you are not allowed to redistribute the script (in part or in full)

All in all, we want to offer you the freedom to run and update your own software, and give you the ultimate freedom to tinker with an exciting new addition to your restaurant business.

The most responsible use of TastyIgniter community resources would therefore be put to best use by emphasizing high quality contributions that embrace the freedoms provided by the GPL