When you are responsible for running a service-based business, keeping track of staff schedules can be a nightmare. Keep your staff organized with an SMS texting platform. Send out schedules every week, and have the ability to request emergency help in an instant. Whether you have a high number of staff at your restaurant, or you often need someone to fill in at a moment's notice, setting up restaurant SMS messages can give you the flexibility you need to keep your business fully staffed.

Send Employees Reminders About Their Schedule

When your employees have a different schedule from week to week, the ability to send out weekly schedules through text messaging is highly useful. Make it easier to distribute schedules and assignments for your staff by setting up SMS texting. If you need to make a schedule change, you can easily do this through text messaging.

Share Daily Assignments With Your Employees Through One Text Message

If you have a number of assignments to hand out to your employees, letting everyone know what those assignments are for the day is highly useful. When you want to reach everyone on the schedule for that day, you can send a group text message, letting each person working know what everyone's assignment is going to be. If employees have an issue with their assignment, they will be able to text back immediately with their concerns.

Provide Detailed Information About Assignments

You may need to provide detailed information to your employees regarding the work they have been assigned for the day. For example, you should involve your staff when brainstorming new ideas such as new food items or happy hour strategies. Using text messages to communicate with your staff will allow everyone to easily get involved and voice their opinion.

How Text Messaging Benefits Your Business

When you set up text messaging to reach your employees and hand out assignments, there's no need for employees to come into the office to find their schedule. A simple text message is easy to read, and your employee can head right out to their assignment instead of coming to see you first. You'll spend less time working on scheduling and meeting with employees, which will cut down on overall labor costs for your business.

In addition, when you send a clear text message, there's little room for mistakes to be made. When you provide a schedule over the phone, your employee may take down the wrong information. When the text message is specific, fewer problems are going to occur. Even when there is a quick change to the schedule, you'll be able to relay this information in minutes to the employee who needs the information.

When you want to run a successful service business, it's important to stay on top of employee scheduling. Through text messaging, you will be able to reach your employees quickly, and make schedules known easily from week to week. Avoid confusion by setting up a text messaging system between you and your employees.