Google AdWords is an important tool in making sure that your website sees the most traffic possible. However, if you don’t manage it properly then you may find that it doesn’t deliver on your investment, even being a waste of money.

So, if you want to make sure that your restaurant website is seeing the most visitors (and that in turn leading to more bookings too) then you really should try to avoid some of these big mistakes that are made by companies in their AdWords campaigns.

Not focusing on the right keywords

One of the first ports of call when creating AdWords is knowing which keywords to use in those ads. There are plenty of keyword research tools out there that can help to make sure that you have the best keywords. The majority of people when creating a keywords planner think that the best keywords are those that have a high search volume, yet any keyword tool will show you that those that are very targeted can be just as useful, and these are nowhere near as expensive as those broader keywords.

Not keeping an eye on the results

Another mistake is not taking the time to see how the AdWords that you have created are working out for your restaurant. You should plan in time weekly, especially at the start, all to make sure that the measures you have put in place have worked out for you and are bringing in the results you are looking for.

Not thinking about your homepage

After making all that effort to make sure that you have traffic heading to your homepage, the last thing you will want is a website that isn’t up to scratch. So, alongside your AdWords campaign, you should take a look at the homepage that you have and make sure that it is presenting your restaurant in the best light. Make sure that it is packed full of the information customers will need to know, and that it has some beautiful visuals that will tempt potential diners into coming to visit you.

Trying to have too many keywords at once

The idea behind AdWords is that you start out small and then grow and grow. Just like your business. So, during the keyword planner stage, you should only look at a few different keywords to put in place, rather than trying to pack your text full of them. Once you know that they are working, then the time comes to add more and more in.

AdWords are a great tool for making sure that you have the maximum visitors to your website, however, they can be easy to get wrong from time to time. One of the most important basics has to be the keywords that you use, and these can be decided with a professional keyword research tool and some careful planning.