There are a variety of ways that local restaurants can try to promote themselves and their menus. Social media, promotions, events and of course, the good old fashioned word of mouth. All of these approaches can work wonders for making sure that you draw one or two customers in.

Another way, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked is media attention. The media comes in a variety of forms including newspapers, TV and radio and in your local area these can be a huge influence on whether or not your target audience come to you over other restaurants.

Media attention will get you noticed, will ensure that people know that you are a go to brand and may even help with recruitment of talented staff or attract investors if you need it.

But how can you get media attention for your restaurant? Here are some of the best ways to make sure that your name is out there, for all the right reasons.

Write up a press release

One of the simplest ways to get some media attention is to put together a press release. These can be around a variety of topics including new menu items or perhaps an event that you are planning on running. The idea is that it generates interest in you as a business and gives the newspapers, in particular, something to write about.

Invite some journalists to eat with you

A journalist isn’t going to write up anything about your restaurant without sampling it first. This means, that for the price of a meal for two it is really worthwhile reaching out to some local journalists or radio presenters. They will not only appreciate the free meal, but they are much more likely to want to write a feature about you.

Get involved in the local community

No matter where you are based, chances are that your local area has community events throughout the year. A great way to promote yourself, as well as give back to those that live near to you, is to be involved in these events. Provide the venue or provide the catering. Anything that you can do to make sure that you are seen as a place that cares about those in the area and want to lend a helping hand.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can try to make sure that you are getting out there in the local media. One of the simplest ways of course, is just to carry on providing excellent levels of service to your customers.

If you carry on being a go to place to eat, then chances are that the local media will come to you, rather than the other way round!