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Order Taking App

Created by Ravi Sharma
  9 installs

Print receipt, manage orders and get order notifications and more. App Companion for TastyIgniter.

billed yearly
  1 year of updates and support
  30 day money-back guarantee


This extension allows you to use an Android app that can manage your order, notify new orders, print receipts, and more. The first release version of OMS. We're a full-blown app companion for TastyIgniter.

Android App Cover

Are you tired of managing orders manually in your restaurant? Say hello to the future of order management with the groundbreaking OMS extension for TastyIgniter! Our Android app companion offers powerful features to streamline your operations and boost your sales, including instant notifications, an intuitive order approver, and easy receipt printing.

So why wait? Upgrade your restaurant's order management today and watch your sales skyrocket with the OMS extension for TastyIgniter!


  • Your App - You'll have your own app for your restaurant order solution.
  • Auth system - Login as admin or staff based on your restaurant authentication.
  • Order notification - Get notified with a buzzer when new orders arrive.
  • Order approver - Helps approve your orders within your specified time or reject orders.
  • Print receipt - Finally print your receipt without any hassle. Yes, We support printing as well.

Setting up the OMS extension couldn't be easier.

Easy Two-step Setup (It can't get much easier than this)

  • Install and Enable the extension.
  • Download the app from Play Store.

BOOM! We're done. Start accepting orders, print receipts, and focus on sales than tech.

Still stuck, we've got you covered.

We've made a setup tutorial here

Youtube Setup Video - YT Link

Order Taking App's Future

We're thankful to early users and all the restaurant owners who helped us in shaping the product as it is now. There are still lots of requested features that aren't yet integrated. This is where we'll constantly upgrade the app, add requested features, and expand in supporting more printers.

Support Team

You can directly mail us at [email protected] for any inquiries, issues, or feedback.


  1.   Latest release

    • Minor Fix for TM Printer error
    • Fix Status Bar
    • Upgrade Background Notification
    • Multi-Location Support
  2. v0.2.0

    • Added Support for Sunmi Handheld device (done, but not included) Please contact us if you are interested. This is same device used by Deliveroo.
    • Multi-Vendor Support (Please contact us if you are interested)
    • Fix Minor TM Printer error
    • Fix Status Bar
    • Upgraded Background Notification
  3. 0.1.2

    • Now you can use Ethernet, USB, Wifi on top of Bluetooth to connect your printers. You’ll be able to connect with your printers in multiple ways.
    • Background Notification - You won’t miss even a single order with our new background notification, even if your app is in the background, or the screen is off. You’ll be notified in instant about the order with a buzzer.
    • Other minor fixes.
  4. v0.1.1

    Initial release v0.1.1

billed yearly
  1 year of updates and support
  30 day money-back guarantee

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