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Jun 27
Apr 27

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This extension to the TastyIgniter built-in reservation management provides a simple booking form to accept table reservations.

Admin Panel

In the admin user interface you can:

  • Define time interval (time slot)
  • Define stay time (reservation length)
  • Manage your tables (units & capacity)

Go to Restaurants > Locations > Edit Location, under the Orders & Reservations tab


Name Page variable Description
Booking <?= component('booking') ?> Display the booking form

Booking Component


Property Description Example Value Default Value
mode Enable or disable booking TRUE TRUE
maxGuestSize The maximum guest size 20 20
timePickerInterval The interval to use for the time picker 30 30
timeSlotsInterval The interval to use for the time slots 15 15
dateFormat Date format to use for the date picker M d, yyyy M d, yyyy
timeFormat Time format to use for the time dropdown h:i a h:i a
dateTimeFormat Date time format to use for the book summary l, F j, Y \a\t h:i a l, F j, Y \a\t h:i a
showLocationThumb Show Location Image Thumbnail FALSE FALSE
locationThumbWidth Location thumb Height 95 95
locationThumbHeight Location thumb Width 80 80
bookingPage Booking page name reservation/reservation reservation/reservation
successPage Page name to redirect to when checkout is successful reservation/success reservation/success

Variables available in templates

Variable Description
$bookingDateFormat Date format
$bookingTimeFormat Time format
$bookingDateTimeFormat Date time format
$bookingLocation Instance of the current location model
$showLocationThumb Display location thumbnail
$locationThumbWidth Location thumbnail width
$locationThumbHeight Location thumbnail height
$customer Instance of the logged user model


title: 'Reservation'
permalink: /reservation

'[booking]': { }
<?= component('booking'); ?>


The MIT License (MIT)


  1. v1.1.0-beta.6

  2. master

  3. v1.1.0-beta.5

  4. v1.1.0-beta.4