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Send SMS notifications to both restaurant and customer about an order or reservation.

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Igniter Labs

SMS Notification channels and messages for TastyIgniter

This extension allows admins to configure sms notifications to be sent out when certain events happen in TastyIgniter.


  • Receive SMS notifications whenever a new order has been placed
  • SMS alert to your customers about their order or reservation status
  • Customizable SMS Messages
  • Add your own custom SMS notification channel.

Admin Panel

Go to System > Settings > Configure SMS Channels to manage notification channels. Notification messages can be customized in the admin panel by navigating to Design > SMS Templates.

Use the SendSmsNotification Automation rule action to send out notification when certain events happen by navigating to Tools > Automations.


Example of Registering Notification channel and/or template

public function registerSmsNotifications()
    return [
        'channels' => [
            'twilio' => \IgniterLabs\SmsNotify\Notifications\Channels\Twilio::class,
        'template' => [
            'igniterlabs.smsnotify::_sms.new_order' => 'igniterlabs.smsnotify::default.template.text_order_placed',

Example of a Notification Channel Class

A notification channel class is responsible for building the settings form and setting the required configuration values.

class Twilio extends \IgniterLabs\SmsNotify\Classes\BaseChannel
     * Returns information about this channel, including name and description.
    public function channelDetails()
        return [
            'name'        => 'Twilio SMS Channel',
            'description' => '',

    public function defineFormConfig()
        return [
            'status' => [
                'label' => 'Status',
                'type' => 'switch',
                'default' => FALSE,
                'span' => 'left',
                'tab' => 'Twilio',
            'account_sid' => [
                'label' => 'Account SID',
                'type' => 'text',
                'tab' => 'Twilio',


  1.   Latest release

    Improvements and bug fixes

  2. v1.0.1

    Minor bug fixes

  3. v1.0.0

    Initial release