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Provide google autocomplete feature to retrieve addresses while the user types.

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Google Places Autocomplete

This extension uses the Google Maps Javascript API and Google Places library combined with HTML5 geolocation to retrieve addresses while the user types.


Simply install the extension from the marketplace and add the component to the pages/layouts where you want autocomplete feature enabled.

To add a component: Design > Themes > (click the sheet under active child themes) > Select Pages/Layouts under Template (left dropdown), and the page where you want to add autocomplete. Now click on the big plus and select from the dropdown the Places Component.

Example: Add to Local layout the component to have autocomplete active across menu & checkout.

Note: There is NO need to add @component('componentAlias') to the markup.

Remember to:

  1. generate an API key and restrict it from google console to be used only by your domain (Referrer HTTP) by Maps JavaScript API & Places API only,

  2. set API key in Places Settings


  • improve performances biasing google places autocomplete with your restaurant location or with user GPS
  • exploit caching mechanism to flatter your bill
  • use a different API key to monitor usage and prevent abuse
  • to customize further your design specify different HTML id where to trigger autocomplete

Supported languages: ENG/ITA


Basic: Settings > Places Settings

Advanced: Edit component properties


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billed yearly
  1 year of updates and support
  30 day money-back guarantee

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