Order Approver

Created by Ryan Mitchell
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Receive a popup notification on new orders, with the ability to accept, delay or reject the order

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Order Approver

This extension enables a popup notification on new orders in the admin panel, with the ability to accept, delay or reject the order based on settings you choose.

Note: the Broadcast Events extension needs to be enabled and set up to support this extension.


After installation a new settings area will appear called 'Order Approver Settings' giving you the ability to set chime preferences, delay times and accept/reject statuses.

If you are using the extension we strongly advise moving to an authorise & capture payment approach. This is supported by TastyIgniter on Authorize.net and Stripe payments.

You will need to create or use an extension to capture payment or cancel it depending on the selection.

You can find a working extension for Stripe in the marketplace (Stripe Authorize) or here: https://github.com/ryanmitchell/ti-ext-stripeauthorize

Mail variables

This extension adds two mail variables to any emails triggered by the extension ​ $order_approver['action'] This is the action taken (accept, delay or decline) ​ $order_approver['text'] This is the text of the button that was clicked ​ These variables are only available on actions initiated by Order Approver, so be careful when using them and ensure you wrap them in a conditional @if (isset($order_approver)) statement.


  1.   Latest release

    Support notifications across multiple locations

  2. 1.0.8

    New sound + bug fix on sound selection

  3. 1.0.7

    Change of approach for single locations

  4. 1.0.6

    Allow sound selection

Future updates

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