When it comes to restaurant marketing, time definitely doesn’t stand still. There are always new and improved ways to advertise and promote your restaurant. So, it is important that you stay on top of them.

Some of the latest approaches are app marketing and restaurant mobile marketing. Both of these types of marketing take advantage of our love for our phones, and make sure that your business is advertised and you see as many customers a possible through the door. But what do they involve and just how easy are they?

App marketing

Apps are becoming more and more popular, with many companies creating them for their business. For restaurants, they can be incredibly helpful. Not only are they a way to offer a loyalty scheme and discounts to your customers. But you can also use them to promote current offers that you have, or simply to tell them about a new dish on the menu.

Mobile websites

It is a common misconception that websites are mobile. Whilst a website works perfectly on a desktop computer, it can look completely different if viewed on a mobile phone or tablet. A great way to rectify this is to create a responsive website. Responsive website design is when a website works on both mobile and desktop devices, and displays the same information but in a different format and display.

For restaurants, having a responsive website is vital. Many people will look for somewhere to eat whilst they are out and about, particularly if they don’t know the area. This means that having a website that can be seen on a mobile, is a great way to make sure that you attract to prospective customers.

SMS marketing

One of the simplest, yet most effective methods of mobile marketing has to be SMS. SMS marketing is incredibly easy to put in place, all you need is your customers mobile number. You can then send them targeted SMS messages that gives basic information about a promotion, discount or offer that Is suitable for them.

As the majority of people have their phone on them at all times, a SMS is much more likely to be read, then an email or social media post.

Not only this, but as the text is simple, you won’t need to take too much time coming up with design and formatting. All you need to do is think of the words that are going to tempt people into making an order, or coming to visit you.

Now you know more about the newest approaches to marketing, why not see if you can put them in place for your restaurant. You may be surprised by the results that SMS; app marketing and mobile restaurant marketing can have on your business.