When you think of restaurant marketing, then chances are that you will instantly think of digital restaurant marketing strategies. Whilst have an online restaurant marketing plan is a great idea for any business. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about more conventional methods of marketing for restaurants.

This is why we have put together our top offline marketing ideas for restaurant owners.

Local advertising

You should never underestimate the power of advertising in your local environment. Local newspapers, radio or even large advertising boards are all ways to get those in your area to come and eat with you. You can even try out posting your menu through letterboxes, ideal if you are takeaway restaurant who wants to bring in some more customers.

Host an event

Want to try and give yourself a bit of an edge over your competitors. Why not host an event at your restaurant? There are a variety of different types of events that you can set up at your restaurant. A live band, a local celebrity or perhaps a comedy night, all of these are great ways to bring in customers, and if you make them charity based, you can also give back to your local community too.

Attend a food festival

Food festivals are becoming big business. They are growing and growing with each year and there are now festivals that match in with a range of different cuisines and food types. If you want to reach out to some new customers, and show off just how awesome your food really is, why not book in to attend at some local food festivals? It may cost to attend, but the return investment is going to be completely worthwhile.

Team up with local businesses

Community isn’t just key for those that live in an area, but it can also be useful for those running business there too. Why not take the time to come together with other local businesses and create some form of advertising network? Displaying printed adverts or business cards that can direct a wealth of new customers into your restaurant.

Sponsor a local team

Have you ever seen a local sports team with a restaurant or takeaway sponsoring them? Chances are that you have. This type of sponsorship does have an associated cost, but those restaurants that invest into it have really seen the results. It is not only a great way to support a local team, but also means that people will recognise your name too.

Offer great discounts

Restaurants are in the fortunate position to be able to offer great discounts and offers for their customers. So why not make the most of this? Maybe it is an early bird special, an OAP discount or something designed for families. Whilst you may be taking money off of what you would normally make, the idea of a bargain is a sure way to drive people in.

The world may be online, but that doesn’t mean that all marketing is. Why not take a look at the more old-fashioned and offline forms of marketing that you can utilise and make sure that your restaurant bookings have the boost that they deserve?