Order tracking status and more menu choices are just a couple of the new benefits to be found on the new and updated TastyIgniter software.

From listening to customers and the valuable info customers have shared in our active community forum, we’ve closely followed ideas and suggestions, figuring out ways to improve and provide more options to get greater flexibility for online ordering.

If you’ve followed our journey, you’ll know this is so much more than a new release - version 3 is a migration of the entire codebase from CodeIgniter to Laravel, a huge project that means we have transformed TastyIgniter so that it can be more customised to needs.

What are the changes?

Along the way, we’ve continued to improve TastyIgniter, adding new features such as split opening hours, timeslot limitations that help developers create a system for their clients and restaurants to provide a more customised and optional experience for customers.

Here’s a guide to some of the amazing free features you can find on version 3:

Effective staff collaboration

From the backend, there are more options for restaurants to work collaboratively as a team. Admins can now automatically assign orders to a staff group using Automations. This means staff can control how orders are assigned to staff within a group. This was important for restaurants that needed to share orders with their team to work together better.

Tastyigniter pic 1.png

Tracking order status

Being able to track an order is so important to customers, particularly when hungry and waiting for their food! We’ve added a tracking feature so that restaurants can update their customers and it can be seen where the order is in real-time and how long it will take to arrive.

ic 2.png

Processing Refunds With Stripe

Customers can now process refunds on Stripe payments right from the admin order page, making the process easier and more straightforward.

Automation Extension

Stay in touch with customers and build better relationships with the automatic extension. Schedule review reminder emails at a time after your customer’s order - get feedback or invite them back with a discount.

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Adding and choosing menu items

One of the limitations some customers found is with the menu items they could add and the different quantities. We’ve created a new function to add more options and to the desired amount, enabling restaurants to offer their customers more choice.

pic 4.png

Integrate split opening hours

Many restaurants have varied opening times and the times they pick up and deliver. With this feature, it allows you to add these in and work with the software, so that it shows to the customer clear timings.

pic 5.png

These are just a few of the exciting features that enable our business customers to do so much more to keep building their brand, their customer relationships and to deliver a seamless customer ordering experience.

We couldn’t do it without the input from our amazing customers, who share with us what works on the software and what could be better.

Not experienced TastyIgniter yet? Download a demo here:


What’s Next?

We’re already looking ahead to release an Cloud based solution of TastyIgniter and a native app to allow restaurants to manage orders.

The future of TastyIgniter is exciting, and the growing community around the platform gives us a real energy to continue to push forward.

"It's right to recognise the incredible job Sam has done in curating and crafting TastyIgniter. He's led the code and platform, which is now used in restaurants worldwide, enabling and empowering businesses to control their brand and customer experiences."

-- Ryan Mitchell, developer, (a happy customer)

That’s it on TastyIgniter v3.0.4 highlights for now!

If you've read this far, thanks - now onto the upgrade information....