Technology is always changing and growing. Each and every year, there are new advancements that could have an impact on your business.

This is particularly true for restaurants, where technology can make a huge different to your customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness.

With this in mind we have put together the 4 restaurant technology trends that are likely to happen during the next 12 months.

Online restaurant ordering systems

When you are ordering food to enjoy in your own home, you will want to make sure that it is easy as possible. This is why online restaurant ordering systems have become all the more popular.

The main reason for this is that they offer the customer an easy and complete service. They can see all of the options that are open to them, the bill is worked out for them and there is no need for them to be concerned that they will have been misunderstood on their order, as they may have been on the phone.

It is also great for restaurants as it allows them to free up their staff that would normally take phone calls, and instead allow them to focus on keeping the restaurant clean, or by providing the service to those who are in the restaurant eating.

Mobile apps

One of the biggest developments has to be mobile apps. Mobile apps are great in a number of ways. They allow your customers another avenue to order delivery and takeaway food.

They also work as an alternative to loyalty card schemes, allowing the customer to simply present their app and gain points on their account ready to redeem at a later date.

Finally, for the restaurant, mobile apps are a great way to send marketing notifications to your customers. This can include current promotions and offers.

Easy payment

Getting the bill and making a payment can be tedious for the customers, especially if they are ready to go. So, any ways that you can make the payment process easier is a good idea. Contactless payment was one of the biggest developments of late, and it looks like this will be taking a step further with an introduction to mobile payment.

This has already been seen with Apple Pay, and the ease of which it can be used is a definite sign of things to come.

Table tablets

Another piece of tech that has been seen more and more in restaurants recently is tablets. There are a variety of ways that these can be used. Often, they are there with games and apps, keeping kids who are eating there entertained (and the other diners happy too). They have also been seen in sports themed restaurants, where people can watch games or events that are happening.

One step further is when these tablets are used to browse the menu and place orders, making the entire ordering process in a restaurant easier.

It simply isn’t enough to have an up to date and well-designed restaurant website, now you need to pay much more attention to technology and how it can best work for your business. Take a look at any of these recent advancements in technology and see if they might just improve your levels of customer satisfaction, as well as the amount of people that come to visit you.